4 thoughts on “Wisconsin. It’s just weird.

  1. Do the drag queen read or are they being read? It’s a whole different event depending.
    I do not recommend nude bean bagging. There are… reasons.
    Unless the nude bean bagging is a sub event of the gospel singing because that really can be quite uplifting as a combo event.
    I feel like the goats are not getting proper due in a goat milking contest. Maybe I’m judging without proper knowledge but…


    • Ha! Well, the drag queen event is drag queens reading to people. I’m not exactly sure what they’re reading. It’s at a library down in Madison, I think.

      The nude bean bag thing… It’s done by the same people who did nude bowling. They’d rent an entire bowling alley for a whole day once a year. They kept inviting me to that, too.

      The gospel fest is a Big Deal here. We get thousands of people from all over the country attending this in the local park. Starts Friday afternoon and runs through Saturday night. Been doing it for some time now. Started out with a couple of local churches and now it’s turned into an enormous event that brings in gospel singers from all over. I was down there earlier and saw license place from 16 different states.

      We also have the Cheese Head Run here tomorrow, another event that started out small and got out of hand. We’ll probably have around 5-7 thousand people in town tomorrow for both events.

      The goat milking I was actually kind of interested in but it would be quite a drive and I’m not sure I’d even be able to get out of town tomorrow morning.

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      • If the gospel fest doesn’t involve sitting in church but is outside, where you can sample and leave, I would probably stop by. I love choir singing.

        I’m disappointed that you will not be reporting live from goat milking though. 🙂


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