More Tiny flowers

It was always my opinion that even the best cell phone camera couldn’t do as good a job as even an average and relatively inexpensive dedicated camera. I may end up having to change my opinion. The camera in the iPhone 7 is actually pretty decent. It has some odd quirks, has difficulties figuring out what to focus on much of the time, but I have to admit it has been doing a decent job, certainly much, much better than the camera in the 6 was. It’s difficult previewing images on the screen, though, so I didn’t really know what I had until I got the photos transferred over and saw them on the big screen. Anyway, more tiny flowers! Here you go—


Tiny Flowers


Spent Monday at Whitefish bay dunes state park. Of course I forgot to throw the good camera in the car and was stuck with the iPhone. Maybe I’m just now starting to figure out how to use the thing and adapt to it’s quirks, but some of the photos I’ve been getting with it haven’t been utterly horrible, and even border on being acceptable. These little guys turned out pretty good. They’re tiny little flowers, maybe a quarter of an inch across.