EG4 System First Full Capacity Testing

This morning at 8 AM I flipped off the mains in the breaker panel, shutting the house completely off of grid power and switched to running completely from the EG4 6500EX inverters, batteries and solar panels. We’ve been running the entire house completely off the grid for the last few hours and so far the system has had no problems at all.

We got virtually no solar power at all for the first two hours because the panels were in shade until 10AM so that gave me a chance to see how long the batteries would carry the house by themselves. We were living normally, not doing anything to conserve power. We used the convection oven, lights, coffee maker, etc. as we normally would. There were no extraordinary loads on the system, the sump pumps were running, furnace wasn’t on because it’s warm out. Under those conditions we use about 10% of our battery capacity per hour, which is actually a lot better than I thought it would be.

Once the sun was in position to fully hit the solar panels we were making enough solar power to run the house entirely off the panels, and even occasionally enough left over to put some power back into the batteries.

So far so good. Keep your fingers crossed.

Only issue is that we’ve run into the dreaded light flicker problem, but only with the bathroom lights for some reason. This is a fairly common problem with a lot of inverters. LED lights can flicker annoyingly. It doesn’t affect everyone, and doesn’t affect every light. The only lights that flicker here are the decorative bulbs in the bathroom. All of the others, almost all LEDs of one type or another, work fine.

Author: grouchyfarmer

Yes, I'm a former farmer. Sort of. I'm also an amateur radio operator, amateur astronomer, gardener, maker of furniture, photographer.

2 thoughts on “EG4 System First Full Capacity Testing”

  1. Those damn LED lights flicker on grid power. It ain’t your system. It’s the lights.

    LED’s suck butt as car headlamps as well. They are bright as hell, but do not illuminate for crap. At least that was my experience driving a fairly new rental some years back. Ironic, they were so bright to oncoming traffic it’s difficult to not be blinded, (I put myself in posisiton of oncoming traffic to test that, being a curious sort,) but as the driver I couldn’t see shit.

    Me no likey LED’s.


    1. No doubt about it, the LED lights can be a real problem.

      Things have gotten a bit better with cars but there are still a lot of them out there that can blind you when they’re coming at you at night.


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