Last Harvest of the Season, House Moving Chaos

Autumn is one of my favorite seasons, but it is still a bit sad because it means the growing season is coming to an end. We haven’t had frost yet, but that will be coming very soon, so it was time to get one last picking from the peppers. I always thought pepper plants liked hot weather and long days, but that doesn’t seem to be the case with these. They’ve been thriving in the cooler weather and shorter days. The dopey things have been producing more now than they were during the height of the growing season.

These all ended up being diced up and frozen. I ended up with about 6 1 quart bags of diced peppers from this last batch. The plants themselves are still flowering but we’ll get freezing temperatures long before we’ll get any fruit, so I’ll be cleaning out this bed in the near future and prep it for next season so MrsGF and I will have less to do when the spring rush hits us.

Eldest Son (ES for short) and his fiance took the plunge and bought a house. They finally signed all the paperwork yesterday morning and as soon as that was done the moving chaos began. The two of them have been anxious, to put it mildly, ever since the whole process began. And now the chaos of moving began yesterday. MrsGF and I were up there, along with along with some of ESF’s (eldest son’s fiance) relatives helping to move the essentials like kitchen, bathroom and bedroom stuff so they could sleep there last night. While some of the moving was going on I was busy replacing door locks. Hopefully they didn’t lock the new keys in the house. Although it would be mildly entertaining if they did. Well, I’d think it was entertaining but I have a warped and twisted sense of humor. I imagine it would irritate them enormously.

Moving is always stressful. MrsGF and I have done more than our share of it over the years. It is never fun.

They’re both adults rapidly pushing middle age so the two of them have accumulated a lot of stuff. They’ve been packing for weeks already. But now it all has to be shoveled into numerous vehicles, shuttled over to the new place, unloaded and shoved into the new place. Plus they also have three cats, so that ought to be interesting.

Enough. It’s way past the time I’m supposed to leave to scurry up to Green Bay to help with the move. MrsGF left half an hour ago and I was supposed to be right behind her.

Author: grouchyfarmer

Yes, I'm a former farmer. Sort of. I'm also an amateur radio operator, amateur astronomer, gardener, maker of furniture, photographer.

6 thoughts on “Last Harvest of the Season, House Moving Chaos”

  1. Moving is one of the most stressful trials, no matter how well you have planned it. The devil really really loves the details. Our last move, to our current location, was in 1987. Fortunately, we are very happy with our digs.
    Wishing your son and all involved as few unexpected trials as possible.

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    1. Thanks 🙂 My wife and I have been settled in at this place since about 1999 and we’re happy with the place and don’t want to move either. My son and his fiance… it’s absolute chaos over there now but it will be worth it once they get everything straightened out.

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    1. It’s been going pretty well. Fortunately they don’t need to rush, their rent at their old place is paid through the end of November so they have plenty of time. First stage was this past weekend. I think we had 10 or 12 people there with two big vans, a pickup truck and trailer and 3 cars hauling stuff. They now have all of the essentials so they can live in the place while they sort through things and put it away.

      Next weekend is going to be the worst, moving eldest son’s workshop/lab/play area in the basement. Computers, test equipment, tools, dozens of boxes of misc. parts and stuff going back to his high school days. Then after all that is moved and they’ve had a chance to settle in, say, oh, mid winter, that’s when I descend on him with all of the stuff he’s been sorting at my place for years, which includes dozens of “collectable” computers from the 1980s, more misc. parts, video games and other stuff.

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