6 thoughts on “oh no he’s doodling again”

    1. We’re going a wee bit stir crazy, I’ll admit that. Hardest part of this is we haven’t seen any of our family in person in something like 6 weeks. But I’m also in the high risk categories – high blood pressure, heart rhythm issues, age, etc, so chances are good if I do get this thing there is probably a 25 – 45% chance it’ll kill me. When the distancing thing officially ends there will still almost certainly be a significant number of cases floating around, especially since a lot of carriers don’t have symptoms and it looks like we’ll never get adequate testing going. Sigh…

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  1. I see people are starting to protest. Whatever your feelings are on this, the whole thing is nuts.
    I’m ready to poke out of my gopher hole.


    1. It’s getting to a lot of people. No doubt about it. Including me. But The problem is that at least here in Wisconsin I don’t think we’re even close to peak infection rates and already the GOP is threatening almost literally to revolt against the governor. And despite what is being said out in D.C. we have no testing available. Tests here are still being rationed, restricted only to people who have been exposed to known carriers. They aren’t even testing people with actual symptoms, just assuming they have it and telling them to isolate themselves. The hospitals in Milwaukee are overflowing, as are the ones in Green Bay. The national guard is setting up a medical facility in a convention center in Madison to handle the overflow. And the state legislature wants to lift ALL restrictions right now.

      One of the local hospitals just did a PSA on the radio just now. Access to testing is restricted because of a lack of availability and testing is only being done “when necessary”. And then the national news a few minutes later had an announcement from the White House saying we have the capability of testing anyone who wants to be tested, we gave plenty of tests and supplies. Sigh…

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  2. Lots of people are talking about how this is a great time to learn a new skill. I’m glad I’m deemed “essential”. I know I would just meld into the sofa and then the bed for the entire isolation period.


    1. I have to kind of push myself. I’m on the lazy side and it’s tempting to just sit around and watch old movies and television. I have to discipline myself to actually do stuff. I tend to procrastinate badly.

      Learning something new is certainly a good thing to do and I’ve guilted myself into doing some of that. I’ve been tinkering with electronics mostly. I’ve built two radio receiver kits in the last couple of months, plus another one from scratch, built the “Virus Doomsday Flashlight” and some other gadgets, am trying to get decent at morse code. I’d really love to get out into the garden but the weather just hasn’t been cooperating. It’s still too cold to really do much biking but I have managed to get out and put a few miles on the bicycle in the last few days.

      I broke down and finally replaced my defunct Wacom Cintiq, but not with another one. I can’t really justify spending that kind of money but did get the Wacom pro graphics tablet and I’m trying to get used to using that with Photoshop. So I’ve been doodling and sketching again as well as editing photos.

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