“The Good of the Party”



I don’t really comment on politics here, and I don’t plan on starting (Aren’t you relieved? I am.). Unless you are a hermit living in a cave somewhere, you already know what’s going on out there, what a bizarre circus our political system has become. I’m not going to talk about that. I’m more interested in the responses of the GOP faithful to what’s happening, what the politicians, the power brokers, the GOP leadership are doing and saying.

And it’s been interesting, to say the least. I don’t think I have ever seen such astonishing mental contortions, such grasping at straws, so many ridiculous attempts at rationalization in my entire life as these people attempt to defend the indefensible. For “the good of the party”.

I think that’s the key, here, that phrase, ‘the good of the party’. I think that the GOP and the Democrats both,  the politicians on both sides,  have forgotten one little fact. They weren’t elected ‘for the good of the party’, were they? They were elected for the good of the country as a whole, the good of the people who elected them.

They all seem to have forgotten that, though. They’ve forgotten that they were elected to protect the welfare of all of us. They were elected to protect the entire country. They were elected to safeguard all of the people in the United States, not just those who support a particular political party.

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4 thoughts on ““The Good of the Party””

  1. They have indeed. They endorsed him though they hated him, though they knew he was unqualified and now he finally crossed a line they can’t stand. Or some of them can’t stand. Most of them are just gritting their teeth and staying loyal to the party.
    Few of them seem to consider what is good for the country.


    1. They jumped on the Trump gravy train in the hopes that it would be just that for them, that they could use him to their own advantage. Either by some hope that supporting him would boost their own chances for being elected, or in the hopes of snagging some cushy federal job, or put in place their own personal agenda or the agenda of the people who finance them. The whole thing is so toxic, so cynical, so hypocritical it’s painful to even watch it.


      1. Being a Brit I watch Fox News nightly on Sky satellite so have been fortunate (if I can call it that) to see the 2 public debates that have happened recently… I thought we were in trouble here with our vote to leave the grip and elitism of the EU or “Common Market” and to make our own laws again rather than be ruled by a bunch of unelected power hungry bureaucrats but then i look at the circus that is the American presidential election and have a chuckle…yes Trump says what allot of people are actually thinking re immigration, homeland security etc but how can someone like him or Hilary (How many emails did I delete after being called to account) Clinton run your country with such low credibility?? It would be Clowns running the Clown’s circus…


        1. That seems to be one the biggest problem we have, the failure of either party to put forward well qualified people for the job. I certainly can’t blame anyone for not wanting to do it; the stress, the fighting, the threats… I wouldn’t want to do it either. but still, I look at the politicians we have and I want to bang my head against the wall. These are the best we can find for the job? Really? If that’s true, we’re in deep trouble.


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