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Source: NeuroLogica Blog » The Age of Click-Bait

I’ve talked about the Neurologica blog by Steven Novella a few times over on my tumblr blog, but I haven’t mentioned it here yet, and I should have. In an internet filled with misinformation, incomplete information, outright lies and pure garbage, Novella is a voice of sanity, logical thought, research and thoughtful comments. He’s fond of going after the snake oil salesmen, the liars, the cheats, etc. Because he is a doctor specializing in neurology he often concentrates on medical quackery, but he also delves into deceptiveness in general, tackling a range of topics from space travel to physics to advertising or other topics he finds interesting. And his comments and research are always well thought out, logical, and backed by significant research.

In this item he goes after something that has long been a pet peeve of mine, and that is how in this age of click bait, the media can no longer be relied on to provide us with any truthful information any longer. The ‘filters’ that were once in place – the editors, fact checkers, etc. that used to help to winnow the wheat from the chaff are long gone.

So every day we are bombarded with unadulterated garbage, stories that wildly exaggerate things, stories that are misleading, stories that our outright lies.

Some people claim that because we can not access multiple news outlets with the click of a button, that we are better informed, more knowledgable. But we aren’t, because so much of the information we’re being fed is simply wrong.

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