Ham Radio Deluxe Redeux

I simply couldn’t give up on HRD and I think I finally got it working! Maybe. Kind of.

I was having all kinds of issues with the thing. I did all the upgrades, upgraded the operating system on the 990, checked all the connections, settings, everything. I followed all of the advice on various forums I found on the internet.

Finally I disregarded everything I was reading on the Internet and just did what seemed to make sense to me, and lo and behold, I got the bloody thing working at last. I even solved the PTT problems I was having with the digital modes.

So I finally had all of the controls working properly. Decided to take it for test run. I turned the transmitter down to 5 watts and tried a test transmission in PSK31 while checking the tone and frequency on a different receiver. It was putting out a nice, pure tone, spot on the right frequency.

So I stopped the test CQ I was doing, and as soon as it went back into receive, I heard a reply to my CQ. From France. So even with that dopey multi-band vertical antenna, putting out only 5 watts, I was hitting France. Not bad at all.

So HRD is working, and it’s stayed working for about a week now. And I am content.